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Hi my name is Jonas. I am 14 years old. I am a very normal boy who plays football and goes to school. BUT, one thing I care about is that young adults should NOT be portrayed as perfect and beautiful, so that young people, even children, think that this is how you really should look. This can be very big damage to children and youth. It can lead to eating disorders, dieting, depression and low self-esteem. It is extremely dangerous for a child. Eating disorders can lead to death. This is very serious and has to be taken seriously.

This is very important to me because of past experiences. I have a cousin who has it and a friend in the class who also has it. Both of these have become very ill and have been hospitalized. I think this is very sad and this should stop NOW! Not tomorrow! If these magazines and advertisements want young people to die due to their advertising and photoshop, then there is something very wrong in their head. I'm sure none of them want that. Therefore, I believe that the whole world should come together to stop this. It is difficult for a boy 14 from Bergen to make it happen, but one place must be started. Because 2 people I know very well have experienced this, it means a lot to me to help them. I think you as a reader should do the same. It is hard to see all your friends get thinner and thinner, while all the companies that make this just get richer and richer. We must do this now! Not tomorrow as I wrote earlier.

I ask you as a reader and the rest of the world that not everyone can please make some effort. An effort may be to not buy these magazines for example. You can also help a lot by writing down my signature campaign. I know how it is and we will be able to stop this together! We can do it, but we need your help!

Jonas Gjøsund 14 år

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