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Change the way the washingmachines back to how it was

Til: Everyone that lives in remmen studenboliger

On Monday 27.08.18 we all got a message from SIØ that said that they are now going to start charging us for the use of the washing machines and dryers.
To show that we don't want this change we need to rally all that we can in hope that we can change it back to how it was.
Some calculations are: one wash is 15 kr and dryer is 5 kr.
Lets say that you wash white and collored clothes, that is 30 to 40 kr every time you wash. and if we add towels and bed sheets then it becomes 45 to 60 kr. Some wash every week other have a huge load at the end of the month but then uses 5 to 7 machines that comes to a total of 75 to 100 kr a month. This is the minimum but what if you add wool or separete white towels from collored, or use the 30 degrees for some clothes and 40 and 60 for others. The totall will end up on more.
So lets change it back or get lower rent to cover the cost of the new expenses.

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