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The "scary" Barnevernet (New concerned reports on the Norwegian Social Services)

Til: Regjeringen The government

A concerned report on the Norwegian Social Services (Child protection agency)

New concerned reports on the Norwegian Social Services

International petition

As a society, we can’t continue living with the situation forced on us any longer.

Insecurity and uncertainty are a rapidly growing problem that the media and spokesman for the social services work methods are not able to reverse or correct as it is presented today.
A belief that the social services would safeguard all children in a good way and that the control apparatus represents the necessary actions. This increases the despair within the many children and their families that experience that and their naïve belief and expectations on fair treatment within the torn shambles of what passes for the Norwegian courts system.
It’s due time to mobilize a stronger engagement surrounding the challenges of Norwegian social services that are meant to be there to give security and care.
As members of the civilised society we all have responsibility to make sure children and families are not exposed to foolish abuse and violations of human rights from a care and decision-making organization that is established to ensure safety and care.
The children’s best interest is a term that needs a more specified explanation and clearer clarification in each case so that the child’s best interest is properly safeguarded.

There have been major discrepancies between professionals in which child welfare is in place. In many cases, the agency's irresponsible and unnecessary use of power to exert forced action against vulnerable families. There is hardly any other area in society where public administration grasps so radically into the human sphere based on information founded on gossip and envy. Revenge is often a form of action that has proven to be very effective. In many cases, this often affects parents who do not accept the bullying their children are exposed to in the school environment.

As in today's situation, many child welfare services do not work at a level that provides the basis for exercising such power, and especially when the school itself disclaims the responsibility they are imposed. We see many examples of the development of authoritarian and closed systems / cultures within child welfare services. The consequence of this is that children and vulnerable families are subjected to abuse by government because of a management that does not hold the ethical and moral prerequisites for holding such a position. Particularly hard is it for those families who do not have large resources, either economically or socially, to bring their own case and get an audience for it through the judiciary. The fact that the voices of children and vulnerable families have little chances of being heard is legal certainty.
The lack of understanding that new countrymen come with a different cultural backpack makes them overrepresented among those who are desperate and unforgiving after crossing a system they are led to believe will help them and their children.
Lack of something as simple as an interpreter leads to unnecessary care commitments we as a democratic society should acknowledge to avoid misunderstandings, we should be aware that there is a right of interpreter from the first meeting with the child welfare service.
Promises have been made focused on cultural differences and other vulnerable minorities but if this is resolved, we are still uncertain.
Politicians' promises can hit both sides.
Too often, we see that biological parents, without the resources to pursue their case are powerless to a large and powerful public organization. We therefore see a tendency that decisions are based on insufficient observations and interpretations that follow the cases through all courts.
There is a lot of writing in the media about child welfare.
It is written so much that we do not call the child welfare service anymore.
Attitude changes and reforms are never mentioned and wishes to create an open and transparent system seem very far away in these times.

"When people do not dare turn to child welfare services due to lack of predictability, this is undoubtedly an increasing societal problem." Quote: The children’s advocate
As the system works today, follow-up of the family after losing their child in a custody case is under heavy criticism and is a topic that should be taken seriously. Work must be done actively to repair damaged relationships. In addition, there must be changes in attitude to focus on the possibility of return of children and active work to see if this is in the child's best interest.
In this way, Norwegian practice becomes more in accordance with decisions in the EMD. There are very many child welfare cases in Norway that are affiliated with other countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that this creates a high pressure on them.
Several Norwegian embassies tell about demonstrations, police protection and campaigns in social media. Thousands meet for demonstration in Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, India, Brazil, Romania, Italy, Australia for this reason, this becomes an INTERNATIONAL PETITION. Norway's children have parents, grandparents and a network all over the world despite their homes in Norway. Children raised in public care are overrepresented in terms of crime, addiction and suicide. 5000 signatures will make our people elected to react and make us hard to ignore. I want to ensure that the signature campaign is handed over personally to the goverment. I invite all of you and hope many will be present to witness as we hand forward our petition.


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