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Til: Universitetet i Oslo

University of Oslo has decided to put an end to the course "Iran in the World".
This course explores the politics, society, and history of contemporary Iran, examining its internal dynamics and international relations. It covers Iran's evolution from the 19th century through its current status as an Islamic Republic, utilizing interdisciplinary approaches including politics, sociology, and anthropology. Key topics include the rise of the Pahlavi dynasty, the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and Iran's role as a regional power. Through weekly thematic discussions, the course delves into the tensions between state and civil society, the impact of significant historical events, and the influence of external powers on Iran's development.
This course offers an impressively comprehensive and insightful exploration of Iran's complex socio-political landscape, something that is unique in Norway. We, the students, hope that the board of the university will reconsider their decision.

Signeres av: Studenter og ansatte ved Universitetet i Oslo

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