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More Money for Retrimenthomes!

Til: The Government

Retirmentshomes in Norway need better conditions, they are few and too small, they have too few qualified people and they need to socialize the elderly better!

Do you agree that the eldery should be entiteled to a single room if they want to? Do you agree that they deserve worthy living conditions?
Do you agree that they need nurses that actually have the time to take care of them? Then this petition is for you!

The situation today is that some Norwegian prisons actually have better conditions than our retirementhomes. Criminals have better living conditions than the people whom have contributed to our society for years. This is not right. They deserve a better standard of living, this is what we in A Helping Hand - The Elder Foundation stand for.

The Government needs to provide more money to Elderly care/ Retirementhomes!

If you agree with us, I encourage you to sign this petition.

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