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Lifesimulator. A game we want!

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I want to collect signatures from people, and send them to big game developers, so they might want to create this game. (info below). But I think we need many thousand signatures so please send this link to all the people you know.

The game we want:
We want a game that i based on a "Lifesimulator". You can be an ordinary boy/girl, and do whatever you want. Just like in real-life. The game start when you are f.eks finished with the elemantary school, and after that you have to decide what to do next. You can get on with further studies if you want to make a good career, or you can join the army, if you want to defend your country. You can even become a criminal, or you can be a policeman.

Lets say you want to be a soccer star when you begin the game. Then you have to start at the bottom. Find some other players that are playing just for fun, or join the local soccer team. When matches are played, it will look like FIFA 08 or PES or any other soccer game. And if you join the army, its like playing a first person shooter game. I`ll guess you understand what I mean about the game now.

And we also want it to be very realistic, with real citys. When you buy the game, you can start with the biggest city in USA, and you can buy/Download expensionpackage that contains YOUR country. And if you buy all. You can live/travel/work around the whole world.

Short summary:
This is a game where you play like an ordinary person, and have to take real like choises. If you want to be a criminal, you will find it hard to get a good job, when you are out of prison and so on.

The consol that this game is ment to be played on will be up to the developers. But hopefully it will be for all!

If you think this is a good idea, please sign under, and send the link to all your friends.


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